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Surtr Arena

  • Engine: Unreal Development Kit (July 2012)

  • Team: Solo



   Steam Workshop


   Click HERE to read about the development process.

Last Team Standing


This map supports up to 28 total players, and pits them against each other in a medium sized arena.


Surtr Arena features an elongated battle arena, which pits players against each other on a relentless assault. The map also has key features, such as a functioning trap portcullis within the center, which will open via lever trigger and engulf the victim player(s) in flames. There are also other traps, such as spikes and flame turrets which can also be activated. Heck, there are even ballistae in the map!


The map layout consists of a symmetrical design, which gives both parties an equal playing field. There are multiple high points (upper bulwarks), along with two flanking corridors to the opposing sides (lower bulwarks). There are multiple low cover points, such as barricades within the center playing field, and fortifications for archers.

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