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Surtr Arena

Questions I Ask Myself


What game mode do I want to go with?

  • Last Team Standing


What is the objective, the premise of the map?

  • Kill the enemy team! They must not live!


What is the aesthetic going to be?

  • Slightly Nordic/Northern Arena - incredibly barbaric/intimidating


What is the size of the map, will it support the flow/balance/gameplay?

  • For an arena I am striving to have a large size, and given that it will be symmetrical, it will propose equal playing fields. The size of the map, will let me introduce tactics, such as using ballistae, and lane-pushing etc. on a larger scale.


How will affordance play a role – is it already apparent in the game itself?

  • Switches are already apparent for their use in Chivalry, and trap placement. Trap lever placement will have common-sense use near traps. The affordance needs to run parallel with the flow of the map. Players need to be able to use them without much hassle if they need them, and know what they do.


What’s the spacial agency going to be like – crowded, or slightly congested or super open?

  • The spacial agency for Surtr Arena will be considered ‘slightly congested’ for the most part. I want to give players obstacles, and also beneficial structures to hide behind, and use for tactical means (such as hard flanking, stealthily advancing, hard pushing). This also explains why I want to go with the 3 levels of height in the arena. Some areas are more congested than others, such as the middle, to outer-ground regions. Since the middle is the most DIRECT route, players will face the most RISK from going this way. They will be the most vulnerable, and there will be more hostile and deadly traps/obstacles.






For this map, I went with the CFD approach first, because I felt like the map needed to be divided in a simple way. I divided the sub-elements of the map in a layout. This would enable a variety of tactics for each team, and possibly enable teams to create “comps” (Team Compositions) for their strategies.



This is my topdown that I created after finishing up the CFDs. It has slightly been altered from the napkin sketch, and has been modified for this game mode. I wanted to keep a simplistic representation for the overall flow, and spacial relations for the map.

Below are some Developmental screenshots

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