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  • Engine:  Source – Hammer World Editor

  • Team: Solo



   Steam Workshop


   Click HERE to read about the development process.

Hostage Rescue


Cs_Agen is a large scaled map created within the Hammer editor based off of a section in Agen, France for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The town of Agen has heavily influenced the layout, along with the overall aesthetic for the map and is an adequate location, because the GIGN is playable in the CT roster.


This map is based on hostage rescue, and retrieval. This map stays true to Valve’s “4×4” boxing design technique, and delivers players on two ends of the playing field with several disadvantages, and advantages. Each side of the map is created based on the given objective for that given team. Therefore, as the momentum of each side significantly escalates, it will become increasingly difficult for each team when confronting each other in various hostile situations.


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