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Sphere of Maering

  • Engine: Bethesda's Creation Engine


  • Challenge: To create an engaging level without enemy Actors and only traps and puzzles.

  • Team: Team Maering (Lead Level Designer)



   Click HERE to read about the development process.

Skyrim Dungeon(s)


In the 2nd Era, a warrior-king summoned his court magician, Maering the Clerk. The king was not literate, and kept this in secrecy. He wished for his magician to create a magical device that would enable him to overcome this form of ignorance by enabling him to read books placed within its chambers.


After several weeks of experimentation and research, the mage gave up and summoned Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Memory. Mora, not being pleased with the fraudulent mage, told the mage how to create this device. The mage followed Mora’s instructions perfectly and as he cast the final spell, he died. The device was created; a fragile-looking sphere of blue energy atop a simple claw-like pedestal.


The Sphere was brought to the warrior-king. Following some instructions scribbled on a piece of paper, the king placed a book within the energy of the sphere. The king was drawn into the sphere and consumed. He was never seen or heard of again, and the king’s heir had the Maering Sphere sealed away in a dungeon where it has remained for many eras.

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