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Vacant Black

  • Engine: Unreal Development Kit (July 2011)


  • Time frame: 1 Day (Challenge)


  • Goal: To build moving material text and become more familiar with material creation node system.


  • Focus: Moving Material Creation and Scripting


  • Team: Solo



   Click HERE to read about the development process.

Welcome to the Vacant Black


Vacant Black serves as an interactive and illustrative piece that represents ‘cyberspace,’ and how this entity achieves “structured – chaos.” The core infrastructure of the map centers on typography. Walls are lined with streaming holographic code, while avant-guard materials provide definable solid structures to collide with. Various regions are sub-divided within the map based on technological entities, such as spam.


The premise of this interactive piece is to represent the infinite 'Blackness' of cyberspace which is constantly being filled. The title serves as a symbol to this vacancy, but also as an oxymoron, because these spaces are constantly being filled.


Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the other district I had planned, because I set it at a 3 day limit. This was going to be the virus, trojan and malware district.

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