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Sphere of Maering

Questions I Ask Myself


~ The questions below relate to my individual level, not the mod as whole ~


What game mode do I want to go with?

  • Singleplayer dungeon experience


What is the objective, the premise of the map?

  • Find the Sphere of Maering within the dungeon – Crypt of Maering


What is the aesthetic going to be?

  • This dungeon will be using the ‘CaveG’ and ‘Nordic’ modular kits. However, ‘CaveG’ will not be modularly used at all, and will be pieced together to create unique environments without generic shapes. It is a mysterious nordic ruins in the side of a mountain. The primary kit is nordic.


What is the size of the map, will it support the flow/balance/gameplay?

  • The size of this level will be considered medium and shouldn’t take the player longer than 20 minutes to complete (then the next section of the mod is played). This dungeon will serve as the introductory portion of the mod. Therefore, the flow will be slightly slower due to the environment, puzzles and traps. It will support the gameplay well, and will not have any enemy actors present – only traps (this was quite a challenge for me).


How will affordance play a role – is it already apparent in the game itself?

  • Skyrim affordance is already amazing and easy to understand. The interactable assets will be easy to identify and spot for players. Traps however will be harder to spot, but I will still be using the same assets that Bethesda used for their traps to keep them clear and defined for watchful players.


What’s the spacial agency going to be like – crowded, or slightly congested or super open?

  • The spacial agency for this level would be considered slightly congested, some parts being crowded (only a few sections). Most sections however, are considered slightly congested and are somewhat open.






The topdown for the Crypt of Maering dungeon focuses heavily on traps and cell connection. This topdown also helped me to organize the ‘roombounds’ and ‘portals’ for optimization purposes as well.


The triggers are red rectangles, and labeled in groups (i.e. – TrigTrap – Soulgem Fireball x4). This is for trap placement and illustrates how traps can affect gameplay within certain layouts in the dungeon. This also helps to determine sweet-spots to place traps, when players are least expecting it, or haven’t encountered some for a few minutes.

Below are some Development screenshots

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