Just a little about myself...


My name is Seth and I design Levels for video games and this is my online portfolio!


I have always been fascinated with environments ever since I was a kid. I remember when I first came to the realization of how levels were built within video games when I played an old game back in the late 90s called Half-Life. What made me curious was a man within the game, the "Gman." He would always stare at you from an inaccessible area, and slightly adjust his tie and walk out of your line of sight.


One day I decided to input ‘noclip’ into the console and follow him. Come to find out, he walks down a hallway or enters a room, out of sight and stands there. As a 9 year old, this completely changed my outlook on games and just blew my little mind.


What you see is what you get... 


I started to become obsessed with levels as a kid and started working in multiple editors, such as the Starcraft 1, Warcraft 3 and WorldCraft editors – making little levels and maps for myself and my brother. It was at this moment in my life that I started working on levels for games more often than just playing them.


I am now a college graduate from the University of Advancing Computer Technology with a Bachelors in Game Development and have been improving my skills in level design, and absolutely love what I do.


I live, eat and breath level design!


I always tell my little story to level designers, and ask them – What is your Gman?